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Latest news: Artificial Intelligence

AI tech predicted to soar amid calls for an Aussie GPT

The use of artificial intelligence technology is expected to skyrocket in 2024 but experts warn of potential risks and the need for an Australian made version.

1 in 3 people are lonely. Will AI help, or make things worse?

Will we develop similar emotional attachments to new and upcoming chatbots? And is this healthy?

ANU: Artificial intelligence biased towards white faces

White faces generated by artificial intelligence (AI) now appear more real than human faces, according to new research by ANU experts. 

Who will write the rules for AI? How nations are racing to regulate artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a label that can cover a huge range of activities related to machines undertaking tasks with or without human intervention.

Australia ‘playing catch-up’ on use of ChatGPT in schools

Australia is "playing catch-up" on the use of a popular chatbot in the education system, federal officials have conceded at a federal inquiry.

Op-ed: Will the rise of the robots be the end of the lawyers?

While legal practice involves much more than knowledge of the law itself, as AI continues to evolve, is it simply a matter of time before it’s representing us in court?

News Corp eyes huge AI potential, ‘fatal’ consequences

News Corp believes artificial intelligence can help increase revenue and cut costs but warns big tech must stop generative AI becoming degenerative AI.

Canberra region author tells of robots and AI in new kids’ book

Gaz Anson explores the world of AI and how it could be misused in his new fun fast paced children’s book, Stop! Robot!

Canberra students mourn photography’s demise at hands of AI

While the Australian Government is still thinking about regulating artificial intelligence (AI), these technologies are galloping ahead at an alarming rate, unchecked. New “generative AI” tools such as image generator, Midjourney, have prompted...

G7 calls for international technical standards for AI

Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations have called for the development and adoption of international technical standards for trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) as lawmakers of the rich countries focus on the new technology.

Why AI could make Australians switch search engines

The way the world uses the internet will change forever with the rise of artificial intelligence-powered search engines, which experts predict could throw up a host of issues in an already fraught field.