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Friday, May 31, 2024

Latest news: asbestos

Friable asbestos identified on residential site in Denman Prospect

Mulch sample taken from a residential complex in Denman Prospect has returned a positive test for a small amount of friable asbestos.

WorkSafe ACT update on bonded asbestos contamination

Thirty-five sites are known to have received the cottage mulch product; bonded asbestos was found in six mulch samples, WorkSafe ACT states.

Asbestos testing continues in ACT

WorkSafe ACT is testing 29 sites known to have received cottage mulch samples potentially contaminated with bonded asbestos.

Bonded asbestos contamination confirmed in ACT mulch

Bonded asbestos has been confirmed to be present in mulch samples across Canberra.

Potential mulch asbestos contamination in the ACT

The ACT Government has confirmed that mulch potentially contaminated with asbestos has been sold in the ACT following recent findings of it in NSW.

More asbestos found near inner Sydney parkland

Three sites at Sydney's Rozelle Interchange Project have been closed off to the public after samples of recycled mulch came back positive for asbestos.