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Latest news: Astronomy

ANU discovers fastest-growing black hole ever

The black hole is 17 billion times more massive than our sun, and the fastest-growing black hole ever recorded.

Dark sky festival in Canberra for Day of Light

Canberrans can gaze at the stars and learn about night sky conservation and light pollution at Mulligan's Flat next week.

Thousands to witness rare total solar eclipse in remote WA

Day is set to turn into night when the sun vanishes from the sky during a rare total solar eclipse on a remote peninsula on the Western Australian coast.

Five total eclipses in Australia over next 15 years

Over the next 15 years, Australians can witness five total solar eclipses, when the moon blocks the sun. The first is next week.

Jupiter’s moon count jumps to 92, most in solar system

Astronomers have discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter, putting the total count at a record-breaking 92.

Blushing moon lights up Australian skies

Amateur astronomers have been treated to a blushing moon over Australian skies in the last total lunar eclipse until 2025.

Blood moon to glow red in Australian skies on Tuesday

Space lovers are in for a treat on Tuesday night, 8 November, when a blood moon will grace Australia's skies, causing the Earth's only natural satellite to glow a spectacular reddish colour.  

James Webb Space Telescope opens new space exploration era

The James Webb Space Telescope's inaugural images have opened a new chapter of cosmic exploration, but astronomers say the observatory's most consequential discoveries may well be those they have yet to even imagine.

ANU scientists lead discovery of fastest-growing black hole

An international team led by astronomers at The Australian National University (ANU) has discovered the fastest-growing black hole of the last nine billion years.

Indigenous Astronomy encourages young mob to reach for the stars

“Back when I was at high school and people were saying ‘physics is too hard,’ it was easy to listen because there was nobody like me that did physics,” says Master’s student...

Stargazers in for a celestial treat when planets align Sunday morning

Weather permitting, early risers are in for a celestial treat this Sunday when four planets in our solar system align in the sky, culminating in a "romantic" display between Venus and Jupiter

Stars in her eyes: Canberra astronomer heads US institution

Professor Lisa Kewley, from the ANU, will become the first woman and the first Australian director of the Center for Astrophysics, USA.

Giant star 100 times bigger than sun explodes

Astronomers from the Australian National University have captured never-before-seen photos of an exploding giant star, 100 times bigger than the sun.

Meteor shower from Halley’s Comet to light up the sky

Australians will be treated to a spectacular meteor shower with streaking lights of shooting stars on display from early morning this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

Great Conjunction brings gas giants closest to Earth in centuries

Canberra skywatchers are readying their telescopes for the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, last seen in the Middle Ages.

Supergiant star Betelgeuse may not be so giant after all

A new study led by Dr Meridith Joyce from the ANU shows the giant red star Betelgeuse is both smaller and closer to Earth than previously thought.