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Latest news: Asylum seeker

Federal government agrees to toughen up immigration detention bill

The federal government has agreed to coalition amendments to toughen up draft laws imposing strict visa conditions on criminals being released from indefinite detention.

Questions over ‘high-risk’ asylum seeker resettlement

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has questioned where up to 70 asylum seekers on Nauru deemed high risk were resettled, with the detention centre nearly empty.

Quicker refugee claims process to snuff out false ones

The Albanese government is cracking down on bad actors using false asylum seeker claims to stay in the country, diverting resources away from genuine refugees, as it chips away at a huge application backlog.

‘Cruel’: Asylum seeker scolds temporary visa work rules

An Iranian asylum seeker has described Australia's bridging visa system as a form of modern slavery, saying the restrictions imposed on work are leaving vulnerable people exposed.

Refugee rallies after Melbourne Park Hotel releases

Thousands have turned out at Palm Sunday rallies across Australia calling for more humane policies towards refugees and asylum seekers.

Caring Canberra hits the mark

The Canberra Refugee Society thanks all those who read about their Afghani boxer and his family in Canberra Daily in September and chose to donate. The ‘Call Out to Caring Canberra’ campaign was...

Refugee support group appeals to caring Canberra

With the continuing impact of Coronavirus, the need of asylum seekers and refugees for support to pay their rent and meet living costs is escalating.

High Court rejects Tamil girl’s appeal bid

The High Court has refused to hear an appeal on behalf of a four-year-old girl whose Tamil family are fighting to avoid deportation.

Asylum seeker sues over hotel detention

An asylum seeker who claims he was unlawfully detained in two Melbourne hotels is suing the Australian government.

Sick Tamil refugee detained for 11 years

A Tamil refugee who has been in Australian immigration detention for 11 years is pleading for freedom while being treated for blood cancer.