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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Latest news: Australian Government

Report reveals need to plug big holes in Australian water laws

A new expert report released today by Lock the Gate Alliance exposes how big gas projects are exploiting failings in federal laws designed to protect one of Australia's most precious resources - water.

Aussie film icon in Canberra to tell an authentic Australian story

The speaker at the National Press Club today was a man raised in the western suburbs of Sydney by his mother in a housing commission house – sounds like the Prime Minister,...

TikTok banned on all federal government devices

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says TikTok will be banned on all Commonwealth government devices following advice from national security agencies.

Independent inquiry into Medicare fraud

An independent inquiry has been launched to investigate fraud and waste by doctors in the Medicare system.

Major parties ‘weaponising’ Australian taxpayer-funded advertising

Independent MP Helen Haines says it's disturbing major parties routinely abuse taxpayer-funded advertising and hijack public information campaigns.

Australia’s carbon credit scheme to be reviewed: Chris Bowen

Australia's carbon credits scheme will be reviewed by an independent panel after concerns were raised about its integrity, Energy and Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen announced today.

Used EVs selling above-retail demonstrates government’s failure

The remarkable announcement from Lloyds Auctions today that second-hand electric cars are now selling in Australia for more than their retail price, is testament to the Australian Government's stunning failure to create a healthy and functional EV market, according to the Electric Vehicle Council.

Australia donates military equipment, coal to Ukraine

Australia will donate military equipment and coal to Ukraine's effort to defend its country from invasion while placing additional sanctions on Russia.

Enough doses as children’s rollout begins: Hunt

Health Minister Greg Hunt insists there will be enough COVID-19 vaccine doses for children aged five to 11 as the rollout for young Australians officially begins on Monday.

Beefed up cyber powers pass parliament

Beefed up powers for Australian cyber spies to intervene in major attacks across a wide range of essential services have passed parliament.

Australia could face waves of ‘climate refugees’

In the wake of Federal Cabinet’s climate change policy negotiations, a topic less discussed is what will happen when a mass of migrants flood Australia’s shores after being displaced because of climate...

Morrison seeks Porter blind trust advice

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has sought advice as to whether former attorney-general Christian Porter's decision to allow a blind trust to cover legal fees breached ministerial standards.

Proposed national literacy strategy gaining widespread support

Everyone can agree that children deserve the best start in life, but the NELLC research shows for a number of Aussie kids this isn't the case.

Stop flouting COVID-19 restrictions, warns Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australians need to do the right thing by their neighbours and abide by COVID-19 restrictions.

JobKeeper scheme payments to remain secret

Big companies will not be forced to reveal how much they received in JobKeeper wage subsidies with the coalition poised to shoot down greater transparency.

Millions of Australians fill out census early

More than 2.4 million Australians have completed the census ahead of the official night in a move the government hopes will help stop another major crash.