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Latest news: Belconnen Arts Centre

Look back at Belconnen Mall as the everyday becomes art

Photographic artist Spiros Coutroubas takes the viewer back to the times of the early 1990s in his exhibition Scenes from the Mall.

That’s art and entertainment: Mental Health Month

The latest in arts and entertainment news from around the Canberra region. Highlights this week include recognition for Canberra glass artists and Mental Health Month celebrations.

Tom Buckland on odyssey to remake Kubrick classic

Canberra artist Tom Buckland has set out on an odyssey to lovingly recreate one of his favourite movies of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Fun and learning for International Day of People with Disability

The Canberra community is celebrating the International Day of People with Disability (I-Day) in diverse ways, from sport and entertainment to better legal assistance and support in the workplace.

Five things to do in Canberra late October/November 2021

Canberra is finally opening back up and come late October/November suddenly there's going to be a lot more to do around town.

How Canberra’s arts venues are preparing to reopen to the public

A calm, eased reopening out of lockdown is the consistent approach being taken by the Canberra region’s arts venues over the coming months.

OutsideIn | InsideOut exhibition launch

Social photos at the OutsideIn | InsideOut exhibition launch, West Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre. Photos: Denholm Samaras.

Warehouse Circus back with an ‘Interrobang’

Canberra’s Warehouse Circus have traversed a host of obstacles over the last 12-months while they’ve developed new show 'Interrobang'.

Emerging director’s debut work explores ‘Mess’ of isolation

Belco Arts’ latest production, Mess, taps into social isolation and withdrawal by way of the Japanese culture-bound syndrome, hikikomori.

Belconnen Arts Centre ready for post-renovation reopening

The Belconnen Arts Centre reopens 21 August with four new exhibitions, while the theatre’s first performance will take place 9-11 September.