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Latest news: Better Renting

ACT rental tenants freeze in winter

Last winter, ACT renters suffered indoor temperatures below the WHO recommended minimum of 18 degrees, according to Better Renting.

National Cabinet: ‘More housing for Canberrans’

National Cabinet agreed to a target of 1.2 million new homes over five years - but the Greens, Liberals, and renters' groups are unconvinced.

ACT Greens call for two-year rent freeze

The ACT Greens have called for a two-year rent freeze and a 2 per cent cap on all rent increases – opinions differ.

Opinion: Better Renting’s solutions for the ACT’s housing crisis

Joel Dignam, executive director of advocacy group Better Renting, shares his views on Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot.

Relief fund for Canberrans in rental stress

Canberra is the least affordable city to rent in Australia, but the ACT Government has set up a Rent Relief Fund.

ACT renters living in coldest homes in Australia

Eight ACT renters tracked and recorded the temperature and humidity of their homes over winter, and the data paints a frosty picture of renting in Canberra during the coldest months.

Draft ACT rental laws: REIACT ‘concerned’, lobbies say ‘good step’

The community consultation period has begun on a draft bill to end no-cause evictions in the ACT, and tenancy lobbies say it’s a “good step” but the REIACT say tenants will be the "biggest losers".

‘Lax’ rental standards threatening tenants’ health

Over 100 national organisations are calling on Australia’s governments to implement minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties.

Andrew Braddock sponsors renter’s petition after ‘distressing’ eviction

A Canberra renter has launched a petition after experiencing a 'distressing' eviction and almost becoming homeless.

Call for better ACT rental standards

While the ACT Government has committed to introducing minimum rental standards, organisations say they’re ignoring other options.

Tenant in mould-infested rental says ‘landlord just doesn’t care’

'Emily' has been fighting her landlord for basic rental repairs for several years and was forced to live in a mould-infested home for years.