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Friday, May 24, 2024

Latest news: Bill Stefaniak

Fit the Bill: Could Jacob Vadakkedathu be our first non-white senator?

Good to see the Canberra Liberals preselect longtime Assembly hopeful Jacob Vadakkedathu as their number one Senate candidate and Hayune Lee, a defence analyst of Korean extraction, as their number two candidate.

Fit the Bill: ACT education – Your input needed

Of concern in recent years has been the decrease in basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Fit the Bill: sometimes a Member of Parliament has to say no to his or her constituents

I’m sure all our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones in the dreadful attack at Bondi Junction by a crazed Queenslander on the weekend.

Fit the Bill: Plastic waste will choke the world if not combatted

My sadly deceased younger son Joe (died 2 January 2018) was a dedicated scuba diver. Joe, who suffered from rather bad ADHD, loved the ocean and sea life.

Fit the Bill: UN report exposes Hamas

Anyone thinking the Israelis are not justified in trying to wipe out Hamas should read the recent UN report on sexual violence in conflict.

Fit the Bill: Thank you, Commander Michael Chew, Detective Superintendent Mick Calatzis, and Sgt Peter Mellor for your four decades of service

On 16 February 1984, two young blokes joined the Australian Federal Police: 18-year-old Peter Mellor and 20-year-old Michael Chew. On 27 February 1984, “a skinny little Greek kid who grew up in the back of a suburban Perth fish shop” (his words) by the name of Mick Calatzis also joined up.

Fit the Bill: More grass and the sad state of NATO – especially the UK

Fit the Bill: More grass and the sad state of NATO – especially the UK

Fit the Bill: Thank you, Jan Spate, much loved retired vet

This week, I want to pay tribute to a local legend who has sadly had to cease practice as a vet.

Fit the Bill: Welcome to 2024 – and thanks for therapy dogs

For about six years or so, the ACT has been blessed with a new innovative program whereby therapy dogs are taken to places where people may be stressed and need the wonderful calming influence a dog can give.

Fit the Bill: Canberra Liberals need Jeremy Hanson

Liberal leader Elizabeth Lee last week removed Jeremy Hanson as her deputy. The up-and-coming, talented Leanne Castley became deputy. The vote was apparently five to three. Several days later, Elizabeth announced her shadow cabinet, and Jeremy Hanson and Elizabeth Kikkert were left out.

Fit the Bill: Julian Leeser suggests path for ALP to reclaim inner-city seats

First, congratulations to Dave Sharma on winning the NSW Liberal Senate preselection. He is a quality person, and should make an excellent addition to our national parliament.

Fit the Bill: Europe, gay pride match, and Canberra Hospital woes

Bit of a mismatch this week, folks, but there’s a lot on. 

Fit the Bill: No place for hate in Australia

It is very worrying to me to see the useful idiots of the Australian Left all come out and support Hamas.

Fit the Bill: Albo could be a oncer

It’s rare for first-time governments not to be given a second term (indeed, it hasn’t happened since 1931), but there is now a real potential for that to occur to the Albanese Labor government if the Coalition play their cards right.

Fit the Bill: Majority verdicts in jury trials a good move by ACT Government

This week, I would like to congratulate the ACT Government for doing something right for a change.

Fit the Bill: Putting the Middle East conflict in context

I am always pleased to see Letters to the Editor commenting on my articles, critical or otherwise. I was pleased to see two last week.