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Friday, May 31, 2024

Latest news: Cardinal George Pell

Protesters clash with mourners outside George Pell funeral

Protesters and mourners traded barbs in a series of heated exchanges outside the solemn funeral mass for Cardinal George Pell at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.

In death, George Pell remains a polarising figure

Cardinal George Pell, who will soon begin his final journey to Australia, was a priest of conviction who didn't worry about pleasing everyone and upset many.

No state memorials for Cardinal George Pell

The Victorian premier has ruled out a state funeral or memorial service for Cardinal George Pell, following the 81-year-old's death in Rome.

Shock death of Cardinal George Pell draws mixed response

High-ranking Catholics, political leaders, legal minds and victim advocacy groups have reacted to the death of Cardinal George Pell in Rome at age 81.

Cardinal George Pell dies aged 81

Cardinal George Pell has died aged 81 in Rome, a week after mourning in St Peter's beside the body of Pope Emeritus Benedict.