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Latest news: Cats

The animal welfare side, the Canberra cat café Reddit shut down

A post on Reddit led to the closure of Canberra's Tabby Time Cat Café & Child Care, foster organisation Paws For More shares their side.

Felicity’s side, the Canberra cat café Reddit shut down

A viral post on Reddit led to the closure of Canberra's Tabby Time Cat Café & Child Care, owner Felicity Banks tells her side of the story.

Should you feed Canberra’s street cats?

If a hungry-looking stray cat is hanging around, you might feel like you are being kind by offering it a meal – but are you doing the best thing for that cat?

RSPCA ACT calls for more foster carers as kitten season ramps up

An influx of stray felines, combined with a heightened risk of disease among the cats, has led to an urgent call from the RSPCA ACT for more volunteer foster carers. 

Having kittens: RSPCA ACT looking for foster carers

Kitten season has begun - and the RSPCA ACT is looking for people to foster the 1,000+ kittens they will take in.

Plan to protect wildlife from threat posed by cats

Australia could have more cat-free suburbs under a $60 million plan to reduce the billions of wildlife deaths caused by feral and pet cats every year.

Cat lovers rejoice, Canberra Cat Fest returns this weekend

Canberra Cat Fest prowls its way back to the Old Bus Depot in Kingston this Saturday providing the purrfect winter haven for cat lovers.

Book talk: anxiety, owls, and the Zen of cats

Jeff Popple reviews three books about anxiety, owls, and the Zen of cats. More of Jeff’s reviews can be found on his blog: murdermayhemandlongdogs.com Your Name Is Not Anxious by Stephanie Dowrick Allen &...

Pandemic pet boom escalates wildlife kills 

New data reveals the number of native animals killed by pet cats across Australia has escalated 34 per cent since the pandemic pet boom.

Bask in the moonlight with Canberra Philo’s Cats

. Uncover the secret lives of felines in Canberra Philharmonic Society’s production of Cats the Musical at Erindale Theatre, 2-18 March.

Luna eclipses all other pet names in 2022

There must be something in the stars in 2022 as both the ACT’s top dog and top cat name is Luna – fur real.

Different laws for different paws: Are Canberra’s cats left out?

Bandit is making quite a name for herself in the Canberra cat scene, she can often be spotted at the markets around Canberra or sitting politely outside a café. One place that Bandit wasn’t allowed to step a paw in was Floriade, much to the disappointment of her owner Boat. Now the pair are calling for fair treatment between four-legged friends.

How cats could give up DNA to put the paws on criminals

Crime-fighting cats could one day give police key evidence as a study highlights how the household pets might give up DNA to help unmask perpetrators.

RSPCA ACT seeking cat-loving foster carers  

After a seemingly endless kitten season, RSPCA ACT is in need of more foster carers to open their arms and homes to kittens and cats.

5 purrfect ways to keep your cat happy at home

As Canberrans continue to adjust to the cat containment laws that came into effect last month, RSPCA ACT has released their top tips for keeping cats happy and healthy at home.

Cat calling: some of the best feline names in Canberra

Cats have been in focus of late with new containment laws coming into effect across the ACT from the first of the month. Recently, the ACT government released a list of the most common cat names they have seen on their registry, along with some honourable mentions, and we have to say some are quite … imaginative.