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Latest news: ChatGPT

Australia ‘playing catch-up’ on use of ChatGPT in schools

Australia is "playing catch-up" on the use of a popular chatbot in the education system, federal officials have conceded at a federal inquiry.

Op-ed: Will the rise of the robots be the end of the lawyers?

While legal practice involves much more than knowledge of the law itself, as AI continues to evolve, is it simply a matter of time before it’s representing us in court?

OPINION: Have you given away work secrets on ChatGPT?

Curious about how ChatGPT can help you at work? Be careful what company information might be given away while experimenting, warns a UNSW Business School professor. 

Easter: God speaks personally and powerfully

Mark Short, Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, invites you to join congregations across the Diocese this Easter "to hear God speak".

Online criminals eye off ChatGPT as handy hacking tool

Australia could soon face a crippling cyber attack aided by a popular chatbot, ChatGPT, according to research released by software and services firm BlackBerry.