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Latest news: Check In CBR

Check In CBR app no longer mandatory

From tomorrow night, Check In CBR will no longer be mandatory in the ACT. But high-risk facilities can soon use an upgraded version.

Two-year timeline since WHO declared a global pandemic

Here's a two-year timeline since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic on 11 March 2020.

Check In CBR app changes focus to higher risk settings

From this weekend, use of the Check In CBR will no longer be mandatory in most places across the ACT.

Private data trust down but Aussies still check in during pandemic

Australians are less trusting of how governments and companies use their private data following almost two years of using check-in apps.

Vaccination certificates on the Check In CBR app

From today, your Check In CBR app can securely store and show your COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates.

People without smartphones can use Check In CBR card

From today, a new Check In CBR card is available for people without a smartphone, and the Check in CBR app has been updated to provide exposure location alerts. 

Check In CBR compulsory from 15 July in ACT

Starting tomorrow, you must use the Check In CBR app whenever you board public transport or go into a shop.

Check In CBR extended to retail, public transport

The ACT’s mask mandate is also set to continue for at least the next few days.

Check In CBR app to become mandatory from Saturday

Restricted business including cafés and restaurants will be required to use the Check In CBR app to collect patron details.

Check In CBR app compulsory as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Restrictions on social gatherings and workplaces will relax from tomorrow morning as the Check In CBR app becomes compulsory for Canberrans.