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Latest news: China

Australia looks to US market as China chews lobster, beef

Australia is looking to the United States to bolster its trading relationships as China insulates its critical mineral sector and an agreement with Europe is dead in the water.

Xi praises Albanese for work to improve China relationship

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has declared his high-level talks with Xi Jinping "very successful" as his visit was hailed by the Chinese president as ushering a new era in relations.

Breakthrough on wine tariff dispute ahead of PM’s China visit

A breakthrough deal struck between China and Canberra could end tariffs on Australian wine exports worth $1.2 billion.

Upheavals in Xi’s regime stoke China diplomacy concerns

The disappearance of China's defence minister, the latest in a string of upheavals in the country's top ranks, is stoking uncertainty about President Xi Jinping's rule as an internal security clampdown trumps international engagement.

Seven die in storms in China, 70 crocodiles on the loose

Storms battering southern China have killed at least seven people and allowed dozens of crocodiles to escape from a farm.

‘Very high’ risk of Chinese spy inside Parliament House

Liberal frontbencher James Paterson says the risk of a Chinese spy working inside the Australian parliament is "very high" and has backed basic vetting.

China says clash with US would be ‘unbearable disaster’

Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu has told Asia's top security summit that conflict with the United States would be an "unbearable disaster" but that his country sought dialogue over confrontation.

PM hails ‘trust’ with Vietnam as China looms over Asia

Anthony Albanese has promised Australia will support Vietnam to transition to clean energy during a diplomatic push, as China's role in Asia looms over the relationship.

Australia calls out China for cyber-espionage

A cyber expert has warned that China could use cyber malware to infiltrate critical systems in Australia and shut them down in a war. 

Australia outs china as being behind cyber attack

Australia has joined Five Eyes partners in outing China as being behind a cluster of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure in the United States.

Inside Australia’s thawing trade relations with China

Australia has long been seeing red over punitive trade restrictions imposed by China, but there are positive signs Beijing will give the green light for lucrative imports to begin again.