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Latest news: Church

Multiple people stabbed at western Sydney church

A church leader and a number of parishioners have been stabbed during a live-streamed service in western Sydney.

To the editor: Churches are business and should pay tax

Religious institutions in Australia are run as businesses and should start paying their fair share of tax, this letter writer argues.

Remembering chronicles of Covid-19: a family stranded for 2 years

After migrating from Northern Ireland to Canberra, Lee and Robert McMullan embarked on a Covid-fuelled rollercoaster ride that left them stranded overseas, with a child who had yet to see his homeland.

Surviving Canberra’s cult with no name

Elizabeth Coleman is no longer afraid to call religious sect she was born into in Canberra a cult, and she isn’t afraid to share her truth.

Canberra church service celebrates Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A church service will be held at St Paul’s Manuka on Sunday to mark 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II became Queen.

Police investigating vandalism at Charnwood church

ACT Policing is seeking witnesses and information about a burglary and property damage at a Charnwood church on Tuesday afternoon.