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Latest news: Circular economy

ACT passes circular economy legislation

The ACT Government this week passed legislation to create a circular economy in Canberra, Chris Steel MLA announced.

Thor’s: Ragnarok for waste as ACT launches circular economy

The ACT government has launched its Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan at Thor's Hammer which recycles 1.5K tonnes of salvaged timber annually.

Have your say on the ACT’s circular economy

The ACT Government plans to reduce its impact on the environment through its Circular Economy Strategy. Canberrans are asked to help.

Canberra designer’s world-first solution to plastic problem

Canberra could become the first city in the world to design with plastic, Candice Addicoat believes. She turns polyethylene into art.

Canberra’s Green Shed gives used goods a second chance

The Green Shed recovers 8,000 tonnes of 'waste' a year - and proves that one man's trash is another's treasure.

Green Shed: Cutting down on waste in the circular economy

Green Shed co-founder Sandie Parkes urges the public to buy less and think about what they buy, rather than buying more and more things.

ACT Greens: Circular economy vital for a sustainable future

The ACT produces one million tonnes of waste every year – waste that pollutes the environment, squanders natural resources, and increases greenhouse gas emissions. Greens MLA Jo Clay believes we can and must do better to create a sustainable future.