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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Latest news: CIT Woden

Canberrans invited to name public green spaces at CIT Woden

Canberrans can suggest names for the three public green spaces surrounding the main building at the new CIT Woden Campus.

ACT Government infrastructure: Education and health

Canberra's newest public school, a new radiotherapy machine for cancer patients, equipment for CIT Woden, and a proposed new facility.

Name the cranes building CIT Woden

What should the cranes building the CIT Woden campus be called? Canberra children have suggested 10 creative names.

‘Full steam ahead’ on Woden CIT

The development application has been approved, the first ground slab was poured yesterday, and a crane is towering over the town centre.

CIT Woden construction begins

Cranes are place and construction is ramping up on the main structure of CIT Woden which is due for completion in 2025.