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Latest news: Clive Palmer

$1.7 million donated to David Pocock 2022 election campaign

Key independent senator David Pocock, who represents the ACT, received just under $1.7 million, including $856,382 from the Climate 200 group, ahead of last year's federal election, the Australian Electoral Commission's 2021/22 financial disclosure returns from parties, candidates, donors and organisations shows.

Clive Palmer, Mark McGowan ordered to pay damages

A Federal Court judge has ordered WA Premier Mark McGowan and Clive Palmer to each pay damages after finding they defamed each other without a valid defence.

McGowan labels Palmer ‘worst Australian who’s not in jail’ as private texts revealed

Mark McGowan has been questioned in court over his private messages about Clive Palmer as their defamation trial draws to a close.

WA premier Mark McGowan grilled on Clive Palmer ‘cheap shot’

Mark McGowan has told a defamation trial Clive Palmer made statements that contributed to death threats against him and his family.

Mark McGowan going to NSW for Clive Palmer lawsuit

A legal stoush between Clive Palmer and WA Premier Mark McGowan over defamation claims has been delayed, but both men have to attend court in NSW in person.

Clive Palmer in bid against Queensland vaccine rules

Clive Palmer is planning legal action against the Queensland government's plan to ban unvaccinated people from venues.