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Latest news: Compost

Seven ways to recycle your coffee grounds

While we all know the importance of reusable cups, many don’t know the wastage that comes from the coffee grounds themselves. There are a variety of ways you can reuse your used grounds at home. From cleaning, to gardening, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to many household items.

Canberra’s composting queen collects compost right from your doorstep

Brook Clinton is the original ‘Capital Composter’, riding her bike across Canberra collecting food scrap buckets from people’s homes and turning the contents into top of the range compost.

Autumn in Canberra is for composting, turn garden ‘waste’ into gold

Composting is the process of decomposing household and garden ‘waste’ into nutrient-rich soil improver, using minimal output (that is, human labour), for maximum gain (enviously abundant, healthy plant life).

New food, garden waste composting facility to open in Hume

The ACT Government will build a large-scale composting facility at Hume for the citywide rollout of the FOGO bin collection service.