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Latest news: Donald Trump

Biden and Trump agree to debate in June and September

The US presidential campaigns of Joe Biden and Donald Trump have signalled their agreement to debate on June 27 and September 10.

Rematch: Biden, Trump clinch presidential nominations

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have both secured enough delegates to win their party nominations for president in the November US election.

US Supreme Court reinstates Donald Trump to Colorado ballot

Former US president Donald Trump's ballot in Colorado has been reinstated by the state's top court which decided only a federal court could disqualify him.

Dominant Trump wins Michigan, Missouri, Idaho caucuses

Former US president Donald Trump is on course to lock up the Republican nomination for 2024 with strong returns in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho.

Fit the Bill: More grass and the sad state of NATO – especially the UK

Fit the Bill: More grass and the sad state of NATO – especially the UK

Donald Trump cruises in New Hampshire primary election

Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary, defeating challenger Nikki Haley and tightening his grip on the Republican presidential nomination.

Contenders running in the US presidential election

Nikki Haley is vying to defeat frontrunner Donald Trump for the Republican nomination to take on President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

US election: third party candidates can tip the balance in a tight race – here’s why Robert F Kennedy Jr matters

Beneath the hoopla of the first-tier White House candidacies will be another race – the sprint to get on the ballot for those not running as Republicans or Democrats.

Colorado court disqualifies Donald Trump from holding office

Colorado's top court has declared Donald Trump engaged in insurrection in 2021 and is ineligible to be on the state's presidential ballot.

Divided US embraces Trump mugshot merchandise

The mugshot of Donald Trump with a red tie, glistening hair and an icy scowl is being used by the former US president and his detractors on merchandise.

‘Travesty’: Donald Trump speaks after being booked in Atlanta

Former US president Donald Trump has been booked in Atlanta on more than a dozen charges of allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election.