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Friday, May 24, 2024

Latest news: Dr Marisa Paterson

ACT politics: Thursday 16 May

Reinstating sentencing submissions for the prosecution; police empowered to scan for knives; and oversight of prisons.

ACT grapples with gaming machine crisis

MLAs Shane Rattenbury and Dr Marisa Paterson, and Senator David Pocock spoke about gambling addiction in the ACT at a symposium today.

ACT’s new assisted reproduction act

The ACT Government has legislated increased protections for people who access and are conceived using assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Dr Paterson calls for sentencing reform in the ACT

Dr Paterson has introduced a Bill to allow all parties to criminal proceedings - not only the defence - to make sentencing submissions.

ACT pokies control: national-leading or extortionately expensive?

The ACT Government has begun a market sounding for a system to control poker machines. But Labor MLA Dr Marisa Paterson has concerns.

Great snakes! Calls for reform of ACT snake legislation

A petition calls on the ACT Government to review snake licensing arrangements and to allocate resources for snake catching and education.

ACT Legislative Assembly’s first sitting week of 2024

Light rail, hospital wait times, and cost of living were once more debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly's first sitting week for 2024.

ACT prohibits poker machines in Molonglo

Labor MLA Dr Marisa Paterson’s bill to prohibit poker machines from the Molonglo Valley and other new areas of the ACT passed the Assembly.

ACT inquiries: Mynas, climate change, property development

Birds, climate change, and property development are the subject of Legislative Assembly inquiries announced this week.

ACT Labor MLA calls for better sexual assault proceedings

Dr Marisa Paterson MLA will call on the ACT Government to identify the best ways to improve sexual assault proceedings in courts.

Stakeholders call for club and poker machine reforms in ACT

Canberrans lost more than $190 million on electric gaming machines last year, and clubs and politicians believe a new approach is needed.

Labor MLAs’ Indigenous and neurodiversity motions

Labor MLAs Paterson and Pettersson are recognizing Indigenous heritage in Weston Creek, and pioneering a Neurodiversity Strategy and Office.

Paterson: Recognising ACT suburb’s Aboriginal heritage

Streets in Waramanga are named after Aboriginal tribal groups, but ACTmapi lacks comprehensive detail and descriptions.

Marisa Paterson introduces legislation to keep Molonglo pokie free

Proposed legislation would ban the authorisation of poker machine licenses in the Molonglo Valley and undeveloped areas of the ACT.

ACT Government urged to set up specialist sexual offences court

Advocates are calling for a specialist sexual offence court to be established in the ACT to properly prosecute one of the most under-reported crimes.

New law makes ACT clubs refuges during bushfires

ClubsACT welcomes transparency but fears overregulation may discourage participation in providing community support in emergencies.