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Latest news: Early learning

Free registration for ACT early childhood teachers

The ACT Government will waive the $115 annual registration fee for early childhood teachers with the Teacher Quality Institute for two years.

Childcare giant profits highlight need for fee regulation

News that listed childcare giant G8 Education has posted a 53 per cent profit increase and is paying its CEO a $3 million package while continually lifting fees has renewed calls from family advocates for tighter government regulation of early childhood education and care costs.

Where are all the male teachers, education experts ask

Education experts at the University of South Australia are calling for a national childhood workforce strategy to encourage more men into early learning and childcare professions.

Reconnect Playgroups bridge pandemic gaps in child development

Canberra children missed out on developing physical and social skills during the pandemic – but playgroups are helping.

Lifelong Learners: The Wonders of Early Education

The early years of a child’s life lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. As you begin this remarkable journey with your little one, early education is critical to preparing your child for the future.

ACT Budget: ‘Biggest ever investment’ in early childhood

The ACT Budget will contain Canberra’s biggest ever investment in early childhood education: more than $50 million over the next four years.

Canberra Autism early education centre hosts open day

The Canberra Region AEIOU is opening its doors tomorrow morning, Wednesday 12 October. They are welcoming families with children under five who have received or are currently going through the process of an autism diagnosis, carers and those interested in early autism intervention.

Spanish Australian preschool to open in Red Hill

From January next year, ACT families will have access to another bilingual early learning centre, the Spanish Australian Preschool (SAPS). Located in a recently refurbished and purpose-designed preschool in Red Hill, SAPS will...

Early education in ACT to reopen later this month

Early childhood education and childcare is reopening to ACT families from 25 October. According to Early Childhood Australia, the buzz among adults has been around face-to-face learning alleviating stress on parents, while children...

ACT Labor and Greens promise similar early learning outcomes

One free day of early learning per week for every three-year-old in Canberra could become a reality by 2024, if ACT Labor are re-elected next month.

Canberra’s first early-learning autism hub is coming to town

Little ones living with autism will soon have an early-learning hub to attend in the Canberra region, assisting them with their transition into early education.