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Latest news: Earthquake

3.9 magnitude earthquake strikes near Goulburn

A 3.9 magnitude earthquake has struck near Goulburn this morning, according to Geoscience Australia.

Earth’s hidden flip: ANU finds unprecedented tectonic movement

ANU researchers discovered conclusive proof that a tectonic plate had flipped over, revealing mechanisms behind rare and deep earthquakes.

Woman in her 90s rescued five days after Japan earthquake

A woman in her 90s has been pulled alive from a collapsed house in western Japan, 124 hours after a major quake slammed the region, killing at least 126 people, toppling buildings and setting off landslides.

Massive earthquake jolts Japan, triggering tsunami warnings

Japan has issued several tsunami alerts after a series of strong earthquakes - including one of magnitude 7.6 - shook western areas.

Strong tremor shakes Afghan region devastated by quakes

A powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck western Afghanistan, just over a week after strong quakes and aftershocks killed thousands of people and flattened entire villages in the same region.

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake shakes New Zealand South Island

South Islanders have been shaken by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake, the strongest tremor to hit New Zealand this year.

ANU conducts groundbreaking research into earthquakes

ANU researchers are shooting lasers down fibre optic cable to sense and record what’s happening below the Earth’s surface.

Lighter tremors to come after quake shakes Melbourne

Melburnians might feel some light but insignificant aftershocks after a once-in-a-century earthquake struck north of the city centre.

‘Blind’ earthquake fault line discovered in Victoria

An earthquake fault line has been discovered in Victoria, which could have implications for insurance coverage and building codes. 

ANU discovers cause of Victoria’s 2021 monster earthquake

A previously unknown faultline caused Victoria’s largest earthquake in two centuries, according to ANU scientists.

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake shakes Ecuador, at least four dead

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake has shaken a coastal region of Ecuador and northern Peru, leaving at least four people dead and resulting in some structural damage.