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Latest news: Endangered species

Hope of survival for one of Australia’s rarest birds

One of Australia's rarest birds has spread its wings into new territory, offering fresh hope for its ongoing survival.

Logging halt ordered in Tallaganda forest home to greater glider

The NSW environment watchdog has ordered a halt to logging in parts of Tallaganda state forest, east of Canberra, as it investigates the impact on the endangered greater glider.

Experts to consider critical listing for ancient fish in Tasmania

An ancient fish on the brink of extinction could be listed as critically endangered within a fortnight, after such action was passed over just last year.

Why scientists want people to go on bogong ‘moth watch’

The bogong moth might not be Australia's most beloved critter, but researchers hope to make it as cherished as the cuddliest marsupial - and in the process, to bring it back from the brink.

Federal budget to ‘turn the tide’ on nature destruction

Native animals and plants at risk of extinction will be protected by two new agencies in a bid to get the nation's ailing environment out of intensive care.

5 species added to ACT Threatened Native Species List

Five new species have been added to the ACT Native Threatened Species List, and listings for other species aligned with Commonwealth listings.

ANU scientists hope to save endangered songbird

Genetic data could save an endangered songbird, the forty-spotted pardalote, according to scientists at the Australian National University (ANU).

Conservation Council Bush Buds help save Canberra’s lizards and frogs

Gang-gang cockatoos, Greater Gliders, and Golden Sun Moths need Canberrans to step up and become their Bush Buds!

Airport road threatens Canberra Grassland Earless Dragon

The future of the "critically endangered" Canberra Grassland Earless Dragon is being threatened by a proposed road at the Canberra Airport.

Scouts ACT rediscover rare grasshopper

Key’s matchstick grasshopper has only been officially sighted once before – but observant scouts spotted the very rare insect in Namadgi.

NSW research reveals spotted-tailed quoll survival secrets

NSW researchers have been monitoring and filming latrine sites to research a colony of spotted-tailed quolls, which has thrived in the dry, rain-shadow eucalypt woodlands and cypress pine forests of the Lower Snowy River in Kosciuszko National Park.   

School children plant trees to help endangered Gang-gangs

Organisations around Canberra recently received charming postcards featuring the Gang-gang cockatoo, an invitation to view the students at Canberra Montessori School plant habitat for the endangered species. On Thursday 19 May, Glenn Watson’s...