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Friday, May 31, 2024

Latest news: Energy Efficiency

Phase two of ACT’s Home Energy Support Program underway

86 per cent of public housing tenants reported enhanced comfort thanks to the ACT's energy efficiency program.

Canberra Liberals: Minimum energy efficient standards

The ACT Government must complete minimum energy efficient standards for public housing properties by the end of 2025, Mark Parton MLA says.

Energy efficiency rebates for ACT small businesses

ACT small businesses can now access energy efficiency rebates of up to $10,000 to transition away from fossil-fuel gas to electricity.

Call for national energy rating scheme for homes

Buyers and renters could know the energy efficiency of their home before moving in if all housing is required to have a performance rating.

Free online tool helps Canberrans transition to all-electric

The ‘Make Your Next Choice Electric’ tool provides free advice to choose energy efficient replacements for old or broken gas appliances.

New energy efficiency standard for ACT rentals

From today, rental homes across the ACT must meet a minimum energy efficiency standard for ceiling insulation.