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Latest news: Euthanasia

Exit ACT: Why we need the right to die on our own terms

Pro-euthanasia group Exit ACT says proposed assisted dying legislation leaves the terminally ill and people with dementia in the cold.

ACT sets up voluntary assisted dying taskforce

The ACT Government will establish a Voluntary Assisted Dying Implementation taskforce to prepare the health system and health workforce.

Rising euthanasia deaths show ‘confidence’ in Victorian laws

More than 300 Victorians died using state euthanasia laws last financial year, in what the premier believes is a sign of growing confidence in the scheme.

Work begins on voluntary assisted dying for ACT Government

Voluntary assisted dying will be one of the biggest issues for the ACT Legislative next year; ACT politicians welcome the debate.

ACT politicians welcome Territory rights after 25 years

The Senate voted last night to allow the ACT and the Northern Territory to legislate on voluntary assisted dying.

ACT, NT given euthanasia voting rights

The ACT and Northern Territory will be able to make laws on voluntary assisted dying for the first time in a quarter-century in what's being hailed as a historic moment.

ACT, NT to be given euthanasia vote rights

Parliament is set to repeal laws that prevent the ACT and Northern Territory from legislating on voluntary assisted dying.

Father’s plight ignites ACT, NT euthanasia debate

The Senate is debating a bill to allow the ACT and NT to legislate on euthanasia after being prevented from doing so by the Howard government in 1997.

‘Well past time’: Territory rights bill goes to parliament

Alicia Payne MP and NT colleague Luke Gosling today introduced a bill to allow the ACT to legislate on assisted dying.

NSW euthanasia law approaches last hurdles

Euthanasia advocates are hopeful NSW is on the cusp of passing laws allowing terminally ill patients to peacefully end their life.

ACT, NT euthanasia rights push stalled

Discussion about whether territories should be allowed to make laws on euthanasia has stalled in the Senate after debate was interrupted due to time.