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Latest news: Foot and mouth

Hobby farm pigs ‘a foot and mouth risk’ in Australia

Tree-changers who innocently give their hobby farm pigs leftovers could sink efforts to keep foot and mouth disease out of Australia.

Task force to look at biosecurity risks

An expert biosecurity task force will be set up by the federal government to prevent a devastating outbreak of foot and mouth disease from reaching Australia. 

To the editor: Stefaniak partisan on foot and mouth disease

What a disgraceful, partisan opinion piece on foot and mouth disease by Bill Stefaniak (CW 21 July 2022 p10). Scaremongering dressed as hyperbole at its best.

Government foot and mouth response ‘flat-footed’

The federal opposition has again criticised the government's response to the threat of foot and mouth disease entering Australia after an outbreak in Indonesia.

Border won’t close to Indonesia: Agriculture minister

Australia will not close its border to arrivals from Indonesia amid an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, Agriculture Minister Murray Watt says. 

Australia beefs up biosecurity for foot and mouth disease

Biosecurity officers will begin boarding planes arriving from Indonesia as Australian authorities try to stop the highly contagious foot and mouth disease entering the country.