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Latest news: Fuel prices

Most Australians back fuel efficiency standards to cut driving costs

Seven in ten Australian drivers have changed their driving habits in response to skyrocketing fuel prices, according to new national polling commissioned by the Climate Council.

Petrol prices soar across Australia on back of weak dollar

Motorists are getting hit hard at the pump since the return of the full fuel excise tax, with some cities still yet to reach the peak of their fuel cycles.

FuelCheck now available in Canberra

Canberra motorists will have access to real-time fuel pricing comparisons from today after the NSW FuelCheck app was expanded into the ACT.

Coles exits fuel retailing business

Supermarket giant Coles is selling its fuel and convenience store operation for $300 million.

Canberrans paying second highest fuel prices in the country

Now that the ACT is experiencing exorbitant fuel prices once again, will Chief Minister Andrew Barr implement his same stance from 2020 to help Canberrans pay less at the pump?

Australian drivers’ fuel costs hit $100 a week

Cash-strapped Australians filling up at the fuel pump paid an extra $5 a week over the course of the past three months, according to new figures.

Peter Cain: Bring FuelCheck to Canberra

Canberra Liberals MLA Peter Cain wants the ACT Government to introduce an app to help Canberrans find the most affordable fuel prices.

Costly fuel makes car sharing an option for Aussie families

Car sharing and hiring from a provider that offers a flat rate on fuel has become a real option for suburban families struggling with petrol prices.

Fuel prices up 40 per cent in one year

Australians are spending 40 per cent more for fuel than they were a year ago and Canberrans are spending an average of $381.59 per week on transport, the country's peak motoring body says.

Pre-poll budget offers cash, cheaper fuel

Australians will get one-off cash handouts and tax breaks and pay less for fuel under a raft of pre-election sweeteners announced in the federal budget.

Federal budget expected to cut fuel excise

Pressure at the fuel pump could be eased slightly if the federal government follows through on an expected temporary slash to the fuel excise.

Fuel prices hit hip pockets everywhere

Two members of the federal coalition's junior partner have called for a cut in the fuel excise as petrol prices continue to climb above $2 a litre.