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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Latest news: NASA

Roo-ver to fetch lunar soil in human habitat moonshot

It's one giant leap for Australia's space program with a lunar rover named Roo-ver to be built locally for a mission to collect moon soil.

Canberra solves Voyager 2’s lost in space odyssey

While NASA was scrambling to locate Voyager 2, which it accidentally lost contact with last week, Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex was quietly listening intently to a carrier signal from the spacecraft almost 20 billion kilometres away. We found it.

NASA enlists Canberra to listen out for Voyager 2

NASA says its huge dish antenna in Canberra is on the lookout for any stray signals from Voyager 2 after losing contact with the spacecraft.

Canberra crew in space race pit-stop

When the bearings in your car are worn you need a service but when the bearings happen to be one tonne and a metre wide, you’re going to need a bigger jack. A...

Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham dies

Walter Cunningham, one of three astronauts aboard NASA's 1968 Apollo 7 mission that paved the way for the first moon landing, has died aged 90.

NASA’s Orion capsule flies over moon, heads home

NASA's Orion capsule and its test dummies have swooped one last time around the moon, flying over a couple of Apollo landing sites before heading home.

Canberra team to help return man to the moon

A team of space trackers in the ACT will play a key part in NASA's mission to return a human to the moon, helping provide 24/7 coverage in its first stretch.

Australia set to launch lunar rover mission

Australia is launching its first moon mission under a deal with NASA to build a lunar rover that could blast off within five years.