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Monday, June 24, 2024

Latest news: NRMA

FuelCheck scheme continues in ACT

The ACT Government says access to real-time fuel pricing at petrol stations will save Canberra motorists money.

Test drive an electric vehicle in the ACT next month

Canberrans can test drive an electric vehicle and find out about owning EVs at the NRMA EV Drive Day event on 10 to 11 November.

ACT residents urged to prepare for summer bushfires

ACT residents are the Australians most concerned about bushfires, but are also the least likely to have prepared, according to the NRMA.

NRMA launches mobile EV chargers in ACT and NSW

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Canberra will now have access to emergency charging facilities after the NRMA unveiled the first of its mobile EV chargers for members.

Canberrans urged to rate ACT roads as pothole damage worsens

The NRMA has today launched its Rate Your Road survey, with the organisation calling on ACT residents to vote for their worst – and best – roads.

NRMA wants extra ACT speed camera fines to fund more RBT

The NRMA has called on the ACT Government to direct extra revenue from speed cameras to a significant increase in Random Breath Tests (RBT) to save lives, saying RBT numbers have declined while the ACT road toll this year is the second highest on record.

ACT residents feel unprepared for wild weather

The ACT had its highest proportion of home claims caused by wild weather, but Canberra residents feel unprepared, according to NRMA.

Avoid a lemon: 2021 Used Car Safety Ratings released

Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Subaru and Jeep are among the makes to receive top safety ratings in a used car report released this week.