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Latest news: NSW Election

Labor’s hopes for majority NSW government extinguished

The newly-elected NSW Labor government will not secure a majority in parliament, with counting in three close seats pushing two into Liberal territory.

Federal MPs take different lessons from NSW poll result

Senior members of the federal coalition have responded to the thumping election defeat in NSW as Anthony Albanese offers his take on Labor's resounding victory.

NSW election count resumes as Liberals look for leader

Twelve seats hang in the balance in the NSW election as the count resumes to determine the margin of Labor's victory.

Returning Monaro MP Steve Whan could get ministerial portfolio

Political pundits speculate former primary industries and emergency services minister Steve Whan, who mounted a 15 per cent swing to rip bellwether Monaro from Nationals hands, will ask for a portfolio in Chris Minns' new NSW Labor government.

Euphoria and relief as Chris Minns leads Labor to win

Euphoria, tears and hints of relief have been painted across the faces of NSW Labor diehards as leader Chris Minns led the party out of the wilderness into the halls of power. Decimated...

Perrottet resigns, Liberals to regroup after devastating defeat in NSW

After a resounding loss in the NSW election, the Liberal Party will seek its own fresh start as the search begins for a new leader.

Leaders vie for final votes as NSW election nears end

NSW voters will decide if the Liberals gain a fourth term or Labor breaks a 12-year stretch in opposition.

‘Local hero’ Chris Minns zeroes in on NSW premier job

Labor leader Chris Minns has been warmly greeted at a local school in his seat of Kogarah as polls point to victory in the NSW state election.

Dominic Perrottet confident as he courts Western Sydney

Seeking a historic fourth term for the coalition in power, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet voted on home turf before heading to a marginal seat in Western Sydney.

Labor hits winnable seats as Libs sandbag NSW heartland

Premier Dominic Perrottet and Labor opponent Chris Minns are campaigning feverishly in the final hours before election day to win over undecided NSW voters.

Perrottet gets sporty, Minns looks to drive Monaro to win

As the NSW election goes down to the wire, Dominic Perrottet and his challenger Chris Minns are traversing the state in a last-ditch bid to win over voters.

Fit the Bill: Our NSW neighbours off to the polls

Well, our Queanbeyan and surrounding NSW readers will be off to the polls on Saturday.