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Latest news: Pacific

Archaeologists rethink how early humans came to Australia

Archaeologists have reassessed the route early humans took to reach Australia, following an excavation on Timor Island.

Pacific cities predate European influence, ANU reveals

The first cities in the Pacific were established much earlier than previously thought, long before European colonisation, according to ANU.

ANU: El Niño and La Niña events could last for years

Australia could see more multi-year El Niño and La Niña events, due to shifts in atmospheric patterns above the Pacific Ocean.

Island-hopping minister ramps up battle for the Pacific

Pacific politics isn't quite as clear as the pristine oceans that surround the island nations and archipelagos.

ANU: Pacific depopulation greater than thought

European vessels introduced diseases to Pacific islands that led to severe depopulation, a new study from the ANU shows.

ABC $8 million funding boost in Labor’s Pacific plan

The ABC would get $8 million a year to deliver Australian content to Pacific nations under a Labor plan to lift engagement and challenge China's expansionism.

Scott Morrison defends role in Pacific amid China deal

Sending the Pacific minister instead of the foreign minister to the Solomon Islands amid security negotiations with China was the right course of action, the prime minister maintains. 

Australia’s first kava lounge opens in Canberra

The opening of Australia’s first kava lounge at the RUC Turner Bowls Club, Canberra, on Sunday “marked a milestone".

Kava: ‘The Polynesian cup of tea’

Kava is the drink of peace, explains Faonetapu Takiari, and he clears up a few misconceptions about the Pacific beverage.

Pacific Minister Zed Seselja deployed to Solomons despite election

Australia's Pacific Minister Zed Seselja has flown to Honiara to strengthen Australia's relationship with Solomon Islands after a leaked Chinese request to import arms was made public.

ANU professor lauded for visionary approach to Pacific studies

The first indigenous female from the Pacific to become a professor at The Australian National University, Katerina Teaiwa has been named the 2021 Australian University Teacher of the Year for her visionary approach to teaching and mentoring students in Pacific studies.

NZ pledges Pacific healing from apology

New Zealand has moved to make good from sins of the past, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern issuing a formal state apology for historic racist policing of Pacific people.