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Monday, June 24, 2024

Latest news: Parenting

Support for Canberra new mothers with emotional difficulties

Canberra Health Services has extended a therapy program helping new mothers struggling with complex social and emotional difficulties.

Parents, beware shiny baubles this Christmas

Canberra-based writer and host of Alex the Seal podcast, Jo Pybus, offers sage advice for parents facing the daunting task of choosing gifts for children this Christmas.

Expert advice by Tracey Anderson Askew

I remember getting some guidance that transformed my experience of the craziness of parenthood. 

Sally Rippin debuts parent guidebook

One of the country’s favourite children’s authors Sally Rippin has launched her debut non-fiction book, it is also the first targeted at adults. Wild Things is a mixture of memoir and research, Rippin shares stories from her own life while helping those who have children who struggle with reading.

Perks and perils of sharing your kids online: Lauren Dubois

Thud, Pop, and Squeak are Canberran ex-political journalist Lauren Dubois’ adorable children. For those who don't follow her on Instagram, that’s not their real names – and there’s a very good reason Lauren won’t share them online.