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Friday, June 14, 2024

Latest news: Penny Wong

Gaza death ‘horrific’, Wong backs US peace proposal

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has called on Israel to accept a US-led peace proposal that would lead to a humanitarian ceasefire and release of hostages by Hamas.

France backs Australia lifting civil nuclear energy ban

As Australia grapples with whether to embrace nuclear energy to reach net-zero emissions France's foreign minister has encouraged it as part of the renewables future. 

Australia keeps door open for deals with other Pacific nations

Australia has left the door open for other Pacific nations to sign up to security agreements following a bipartisan deal with Tuvalu, Foreign Minister Penny Wong says.

Island-hopping minister ramps up battle for the Pacific

Pacific politics isn't quite as clear as the pristine oceans that surround the island nations and archipelagos.

Russia slapped with further sanctions

Australia will impose further financial sanctions and travel bans on almost 30 Russia-backed separatists and senior officials following Moscow's move to annex swathes of Ukrainian territory.

China’s Wang Yi hopes for change from Australia

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says previous Australian governments' treatment of China as an opponent and a threat is the cause of tension between the countries.

Russia ‘denigrates’ world relations: Penny Wong

Australia will use a global ministerial summit to make clear its displeasure with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, the foreign minister says.