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Latest news: Philippines

‘Foreign terrorists’ blamed for deadly Philippine blast

Four people have been killed and several others wounded in an explosion in a university gymnasium in the southern Philippine city of Marawi.

Governor, 5 others killed in brazen Philippines attack

Gunmen in military uniforms have fatally shot a governor and five civilians while the provincial leader was meeting villagers at his home in the central Philippines.

Philippines braces for Super Typhoon Noru

Philippines authorities have put the country on high alert, evacuating people in coastal areas and suspending maritime travel as the country braces for the arrival of Super Typhoon Noru.

Magic Glasses a cheap weapon against intestinal worms  

ANU's innovative health education program could reduce the prevalence of intestinal worms at very little cost.

Shooting at top Philippine university kills three

Three people including a former mayor have died in a shooting at a university graduation ceremony in the Philippines.

Three killed at Philippine polling centre

Officials in the Philippines have reported the deaths in a shooting incident of three guards protecting a polling station in the country's national election.

Philippine storm toll rises to 172 with 110 still missing

The death toll from landslides and floods caused by this year's first tropical storm in the Philippines has risen to at least 172, with 110 people still missing.

Philippines flood death toll rises to 43, 28 others missing

The death toll from landslides and floods that hit the central and southern Philippines after a summer tropical depression unleashed days of pounding rain has risen to at least 43, with 28 others missing.

Under Coconut Skies

Colourful and vibrant, Filipino food is the culmination of naturally salty, sour and sweet ingredients from the land. New cookbook Under Coconut Skies follows 7000 Islands in bringing vivid tastes and enchanting...

3 Filipino restaurants in Canberra

Hoy, hoy pinoy! Even though we have less than a handful of Filipino restaurants in fair Canberra, the ones that are here each deserve a try. Known for its entirely unique taste,...

Thousands displaced in Philippines monsoon

Three people have been killed and five injured in accidents caused by heavy monsoon rains and strong winds in the Philippines.