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Monday, June 24, 2024

Latest news: Politics

We want visionaries, not short-sighted politicians

In what comes as no surprise, voters want politicians to think more long-term - at least beyond the next federal election.

Australians demand long-term vision from politicians

Australians want more forward-thinking politics, according to a new report published by university thinktank EveryGen.

ANU: Australians want more power for local governments

Two-thirds of Australians believe local governments should have more power than they currently do, according to a new study from the ANU.

Politicians face losing pay for poor behaviour

Politicians who breach workplace safety standards could have their pay docked under a proposed body that will investigate alleged misconduct.

Exit ACT: Why we need the right to die on our own terms

Pro-euthanasia group Exit ACT says proposed assisted dying legislation leaves the terminally ill and people with dementia in the cold.

Unsocial media: Labor Speaker and Liberals vs Greens

A Labor MLA – the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, no less – shares social media posts by opposition MLAs criticising the ACT Greens.

Storm clouds ahead: scandals that have rocked Australian politics

Australians could be forgiven for feeling weary of political scandals. The litany of them at the federal level in recent years has been fatiguing: Robodebt, allegations of rape and sexual harassment in Parliament House, former prime minister Scott Morrison’s secret ministries, sports rorts, ministerial affairs and bonk bans, and plenty more.

Animal Justice Party runs for Brindabella seat

The Animal Justice Party's Robyn Soxsmith has thrown her hat in the ring for the Brindabella seat formerly held by Johnathan Davis.

Tributes flow for giant of Queensland politics Mike Ahern

Former premier Mike Ahern, who succeeded Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and ruled during a tumultuous period in Queensland politics, has died.

Whitlam’s Folio shows gratitude and beauty at National Archives

See politics and art collide in Dedicated to the Dedicated: Whitlam, the Arts and Democracy at the National Archives of Australia.

What to do with Canberra’s political ghosts?

Where do retired politicians go when they’re voted out? A shed in suburban Canberra for now, but these redundant political puppets are looking for a forever home. The first of five, Tony Abbott,...

ACT senator David Pocock shortlisted as emerging political leader

ACT Independent Senator David Pocock has been shortlisted for the 2022 McKinnon Emerging Political Leader of the Year.