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Friday, June 14, 2024

Latest news: Pollution

‘Filthy Five’ car companies polluting more than Australian coal mines

Five car companies whose fleets are responsible for more climate pollution than some of Australia’s biggest coal mines have been identified in new analysis by the Climate Council.

Let’s clear the air, Canberra

Air pollution has cost an estimated 41 deaths in Canberra in 2023 according to air quality information platform, IQAir. There are health-related factors associated with this figure, however in winter, Canberra can...

Clean Up Australia Day to unmask COVID litter issue

The country's largest community-based environmental event, Clean Up Australia Day, will this year incorporate a nationwide citizen science project to gauge the extent of face mask litter.

UN says pollution more deadly than COVID

Pollution by states and companies is contributing to more deaths globally than COVID-19, a UN environmental report published says, calling for "immediate and ambitious action" to ban some toxic chemicals.

Wood heater pollution causing premature deaths

Smoke emitted from wood-fired heaters in NSW homes is causing premature deaths from pollution, a study has found.