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Latest news: Population

ACT population projections show we must build houses, quickly

According to the ACT Government’s latest population projections, Canberra will host almost 800,000 people by 2060 and Master Builders ACT said homes must be built to house the influx, and quickly.  

China population decline first in 60 years

India is possibly the world's most populous nation after the population of China declined for the first time since the Great Famine of 1961.

Population smaller and older due to COVID

Australia's population growth stalled during the pandemic, leading to a drop in the country's long-term forecasts.

ACT population passes 450,000 residents

Data released from the 2021 Census has revealed the number of people residing in the ACT has grown by 14.4 per cent since the previous census five years earlier, making it the highest growth rate of all the states and territories in Australia.

Nothing to fear from a smaller, older population

Sustainable Population Australia believes there is nothing to fear from the downward projection of population size in the 2021 Intergenerational Report from 40 million to 38.8 million by 2061.