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Friday, May 24, 2024

Latest news: Potholes

Call for ACT government to pay interest on delayed pothole compensation

Roads ACT currently has 60 days to assess applications for pothole-related vehicle damage claims. The Canberra Liberals will today call on the ACT Government to halve that time to 30 working days, and for interest to accrue on individual claims if those 30 days are exceeded.

To the editor: Fix the potholes, not hand out parking fines

What's going on with our lovely capital roads? Full of gigantic potholes that could almost swallow your vehicle.

Potholes a perennial problem for Canberra drivers

The Canberra Liberals claim that Canberrans are frustrated with large, untreated potholes across the ACT that damage cars.

Rain induces ‘surge capacity’ mowing and pothole repairs across Canberra

$6 million will be spent on ‘surge capacity’ staffing to handle an influx of necessary lawn mowing and road maintenance across Canberra.