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Latest news: Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer knows no age: A call to action for younger men

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, the peak national body for the disease, has released a Survivorship Toolkit online web app.

Treatment options wider if prostate cancer found early

A prostate cancer patient is warning other men to stop putting off tests as patients with early stage disease have access to greater treatment options.

New prostate cancer biomarkers provide hope to millions of men

UniSA researchers have identified three new biomarkers for prostate cancer to help identify and differentiate potentially aggressive cases of the disease which kills more than 300,000 men each year.

Prostate cancer leaves ACT men prostrate

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia's MatesCONNECT service improves outcomes for newly diagnosed men.

Rainbow of produce best prevention against prostate cancer

Men who regularly consume colourful fruits and vegetables are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC), according to new research from the University of South Australia.

Free prostate screening in Queanbeyan: ‘do it for your loved ones’

Queanbeyan has launched a mass prostate cancer screening drive with racing legend Mark Webber and NRL star Terry Campese backing the campaign.

Man to man: New program starts up for Aussies with prostate cancer

A new nationwide program has been launched for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, and could help to reduce higher risks of suicide related to the disease.