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Latest news: PTSD

An officer’s best friend: rescue dog turns rescuer

Police officers and firefighters suffering PTSD are being given the opportunity to adopt retired greyhounds to help with emotional support.

10 minutes of aerobic exercise with exposure therapy reduces PTSD symptoms: study

A short burst of aerobic exercise is believed to promote a molecule in the brain that is crucial for learning to feel safe.

Breaking down PTSD with Clinical Psychologist, UC’s Dr Vivienne Lewis

In recognition of National PTSD Awareness Day, clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Canberra, Dr Vivienne Lewis sat down with CW to discuss PTSD and treatment options.

Australia’s former strongest man attempts world record for PTSD

For National PTSD Awareness Day, the former strongest man in Australia attempted to pull a 10-tonne fire engine 50 metres in record time at Government House.

Local legend Colin uses music to help fellow veterans with PTSD

Local legend Colin Greef shares his love of music with fellow veterans to help their recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).