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Latest news: Red Cross Australia

Devastating impacts of ‘War in Cities’ in focus at Gorman Arts Centre

The International Committee of the Red Cross offers an insight into War in Cities at Gorman Arts Centre from 31 May- 6 June.

Urgent call for blood and plasma donations

The Australian Red Cross has issued a desperate plea for blood and plasma donors as demand from hospitals reaches its highest level in nearly a decade.

Red Cross urgent call for blood donations over Easter

Australians with the rarest and most valuable blood type, 0-, should hop into their local Lifeblood donation centre this Easter. 

Vinnies, Red Cross call for volunteers

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Red Cross and Vinnies are in desperate need of volunteers to staff their thrift shops as they reopen.

Cancer survivor: Blood donations ‘have saved my life’

“Acute Myeloid Leukaemia has lifted my life up, thrown me to the ground and spun me on my head,” said Maddy, a 21-year-old cancer survivor from Canberra.   After her diagnosis four years...

ACT Policing roll up their sleeves for Red Cross blood challenge

The annual Emergency Services Blood Challenge 2020 has wrapped up and ACT Policing have come out on top with the most donations in the ACT.

Aussies worried about catching COVID from first aid emergency

New research from Australian Red Cross has revealed 82% of Australians are worried they could catch COVID-19 from a first aid emergency that involves performing CPR.