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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Latest news: Referendum

Australia votes ‘no’ to voice in the constitution

Australians have rejected a proposal to enshrine an Indigenous voice to parliament in the constitution, with the ACT being the only jurisdiction to support the reform.

Voters resolute, respectful at voice referendum booths

Australians' voting in the voice referendum has gone relatively smoothly, with many resolute in their intention to write 'yes' or 'no' before they came through polling booths' gates.

Australians head to polls in historic voice referendum

Voting in the voice referendum took place at more than 7000 polling sites and began as the latest Newspoll showed the voice proposal was set to fail.

Voice voters warned to reconsider campaign material in booths

Voters have been warned to reconsider wearing campaign T-shirts and badges when casting their ballot in the Indigenous voice referendum.

The Voice: A change for the better – David Smith

I’m privileged to represent the seat of Bean, an electorate with boundaries that begin within 10 kilometres of Parliament House, but an electorate whose history extends back thousands of years. It includes...

Canberrans get the vibe of the constitution

As the referendum looms and Canberrans re-acquaint themselves with the Australian Constitution, it seems the closest encounter we have with it is driving down Constitution Avenue or watching 'The Castle'.

Support for voice grows for first time in months

Support for the 'yes' vote is up two percentage points but the shift isn't big enough to win the Indigenous voice referendum, but many people remain undecided.

Early voting gets under way for voice referendum

Early voting is opening to determine whether an Indigenous voice will be enshrined in the constitution to advise federal parliament.

Where neighbours’ stance on voice is black and white

Two neighbouring households have used placards and paint to produce a striking metaphor of the opposing views on an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Concerns over voice misinformation as voter roll closes

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has urged Australians to cut through misinformation, as the voting roll is set to close ahead of the referendum.

Back to basics for voice debate after colonisation call

Calls are echoing for the Indigenous voice debate to focus on the referendum question as prominent 'no' campaigner Warren Mundine says Australians need to come to terms with the impact of colonisation.

All states but Tasmania set to vote ‘no’ on voice

Support for the voice to parliament have slumped to new lows on the day postal vote applications are expected to open for the referendum.

Warning over threats, harassment during Indigenous voice referendum

Federal politicians and their staff have been urged to report abuse and harassment to police as the Indigenous voice referendum campaign gets under way.