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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Latest news: Renewables

Call for more biofuels to keep trucks, utes on the road

Truckies won't have to go electric and Aussies don't have to give up their utes if more biofuels get the green light.

Farming communities rally against renewables in Brisbane

Key Liberal National Party members have stood with Queensland farmers and landholders outside state parliament urging a rethink of large-scale renewables projects.

Letters to the editor: renewables, wildlife corridors and more

This week, letter writers discuss the impact of renewables, wildlife corridors, ratepayer-funded cruelty and more.

The power budget: Australia on cusp of green economy

Hard-nosed billionaires like green energy champion Andrew Forrest, and his former venture partner Mike Cannon-Brookes, know that Australia's future prosperity will come from sunshine and electrons.

Renewable projects promise ‘cheaper’ energy but price rises loom

An investment boost in Australia's renewable energy sector has resulted from the federal government's net-zero plan, but rising power prices still loom.

Fit the Bill: EVs, solar panels, wind turbines and ethics

A study has shown that it takes 12 tonnes of carbon emissions to build an electric vehicle, as opposed to six tonnes to build a petrol-driven vehicle.