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Latest news: Research

Who’s a clever cockie?

Go on admit it, we all like to read the social pages to see who’s been seen with who and it seems the biggest socialites in Canberra are …. sulphur-crested cockatoos. It’s...

Thirsty work for ANU to solve the world’s water security problem

Wars will soon be fought over water, not oil or territorial disputes. This is not far-fetched fiction, this is a United Nations projection. After analysing water availability and future projects, the forecast...

A twist on theatre sports could counteract a stutter

Add speech therapy to theatre sports and you get a brand-new experience that’s hoping to deliver positive changes for people with a stutter.

Exercise at the heart of a good night’s sleep: UniSA study

A world first study from the University of South Australia shows that getting a good night’s sleep is tied to how you structure your day, with exercise at the heart of sleep quality.

Adding virtual reality to exercise can ease chronic pain, study finds

If you’re struggling to stick to a new fitness regime, University of South Australia research shows that virtual reality (VR) will not only make exercise feel easier but also ease chronic pain.

Coastrek comes to Canberra, hiking for healthy hearts

Traditionally trekking the coastlines of Australia, landlocked Canberra welcomes its first Coastrek in March, raising funds for heart health research.

BMI can’t tell us if we’re healthy

We’ve known for some time the body mass index (BMI) is an inaccurate measuring stick for assessing someone’s weight and associated health. But it continues to be the go-to tool for medical doctors, population researchers and personal trainers. Why is such an imperfect tool still being used, and what should we use instead?

Palm cockatoos beat to their own drum, ANU study finds 

Australia’s palm cockatoos are well-known for their unique love of drumming, but they don't just have great rhythm - they also each have their own sense of style when it comes to crafting their tools, a new study from The ANU has found.

Research shows birds fret less around dogs on leads

New research indicates birds can tell whether a dog is on or off-lead, even if unleashed dogs are well behaved.

Afternoon siestas gain backing from ANU researchers

The afternoon siesta has been practised in hot climates around the globe for centuries and now it has scientific backing from ANU researchers.

‘It’s the future’: ANU announces national health and medical precinct

ANU will build a world-leading national health precinct housing the latest treatment and research on its campus in Canberra City under a new plan announced today.

Get Ashley to America: Family calls for support to study rare syndrome

In 2014, Canberra couple Hugh and Belinda welcomed their long-awaited baby girl into the world. It wasn’t until 2018 that they discovered their daughter, Ashley, had a rarely seen genetic mutation.