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Latest news: Royal Commission

Call for COVID Royal Commission – with teeth

A national COVID inquiry is underway, but it will not deliver the accountability that Australians deserve.

Disability royal commission calls for more inclusive society

A Royal Commission into people with disability released its report today - and the ACT Government has welcomed the news.

Minister, officials ignored robodebt deaths and harm

A former coalition minister and government departments failed to properly consider the personal heartbreak and harm stemming from the illegal robodebt scheme.

Former watchdog head fronts robodebt royal commission

The former head of the independent watchdog which investigated the agencies responsible for the robodebt program will be questioned by the royal commission. 

Income averaging a longstanding practice, robodebt inquiry told

Concerns about the legality of the income averaging at the heart of the robodebt scheme were dampened by the understanding it had been "used for a long time by governments of both colours", the royal commission has been told.

Minister denies responsibility for robodebt legal check

A former minister in charge of robodebt has denied responsibility for his department's failure to check the legality of the scheme and said he still believed it was lawful in the face of mounting issues.

Robodebt concerns ‘dropped’ from briefings

Former foreign minister Marise Payne has told a royal commission into robodebt she doesn't know how early concerns over the scheme's legality were left out of later policy documents.

Key robodebt officials to front commission

A victim of the unlawful robodebt recovery scheme says she will never trust Centrelink as a safety net again after it left her angry and traumatised. 

Australian Defence Force chiefs appeal to veterans

Australian Defence Force heads are urging veterans to share their experiences in service, promising they will suffer no penalties.

Veterans Affairs Minister apologises for failing war veterans

The federal government has apologised to Australian veterans and their families for failings in the way the defence forces and veterans affairs department have operated.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs failing veterans, secretary admits

The federal Department of Veterans' Affairs is not fit to meet the needs of past and present defence members, the agency's boss says.

To the editor: No one protected ADF members who protect us

This letter writer argues the government, Defence and DVA have known about the abuse, bullying and sexual assaults and so many other criminal acts for decades but have done nothing to protect those who have done so much to protect them.

Former sailor shares story of bullying, abuse at Canberra inquiry

A former sailor who endured years of sexual abuse and harassment, plus bullying by her navy bosses, says she felt so "dehumanised" she was too frightened to seek help, even after attempting suicide.