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Latest news: Safety

Ten tips to keep your pets safe this summer

As the sun heats things up across Canberra, pet owners are being reminded to ensure the whole family remains cool in the summer months.

Sunny Side Up: our sunscreen recommendations

Summer is on our doorstep, which means sunshine and spending time in the great outdoors are top of the agenda.

Hot Nights, Cool Choices: Party and drink sensibly this summer

The Hot Nights, Cool Choices campaign targets teenagers and young adults who may engage in anti-social or unlawful behaviour.

What to do when dogs attack? Canberra experts weigh in

Do you know what to do if you witness or are involved in a dog attack? CW reached out to Canberra animal experts to find out.

How to keep away unwanted pests over Christmas

This Christmas, why not tackle the mass family banquet with the digestive confidence of kings - allowing you to relish in the giant buffet, while minimising the chance of getting sick afterward from food that could have been better attended to.

Make your swimming pool safe this summer

Home swimming pools are where most small children drown in the ACT. Make sure your pool is safe this summer.

Tiny batteries can cause big problems

Don’t put a damper on this Christmas Day by letting an unsafe battery spoil the celebrations with a major health or fire crisis.

Check Christmas lights to avoid sparking fire

‘Tis the season of festive decorations and ACT Fire and Rescue are urging the community to be extra precautious this Christmas.

Ensure your pool is safe this summer

Canberrans with backyard pools should check if their pool fencing and barriers meet current standards, to avoid injuries and tragedies.

New wrap takes to the tracks for Rail Safety Week

As of this morning, the ACT’s light rail has a new look, wrapped in graphics designed by a local student to encourage rail safety in all Canberrans as part of Rail Safety Week, 9-15 August.

Winter fire safety campaign begins

The ACT Government launched its winter fire safety campaign on 1 June, to help Canberrans prevent fires and keep them under control.

Lead found at Old Bus Depot, but government says public not at risk

Construction employees renovating Kingston's Old Bus Depot had elevated levels of lead in their blood, but the public need not worry.