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Latest news: Skywhale

Skywhale returns home to Canberra after long migration

Skywhale and Skywhalepapa return home to Canberra after a two-year, nationwide tour from Albury to Alice Springs and beyond.

Buoyant mood for tethered debut of ‘Skywhalepapa’

Skywhalepapa only had a tethered flight in Canberra on Sunday morning for what was to be his debut public flight with Skywhale.

What’s on in Canberra for January 2021

See all the highlights of what's on across Canberra in the coming weeks and months, from exhibitions to live theatre, music and more.

Five cultural events to watch out for

While Canberra’s event calendar is even quieter than usual this January, there’s plenty of premier entertainment coming to town over the coming months. CW arts editor Denholm Samaras looks at five cultural...