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Friday, June 14, 2024

Latest news: Statue

First statue of a woman at Australian War Memorial a true survivor

The first statue of a woman has been unveiled at the Australian War Memorial and all the late Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel had to do was survive a massacre, survive a sinking...

Female and Indigenous political trailblazers honoured with statues

The Federal Parliament has finally listened to young Canberrans petitioning for more equal representation among statues in the national capital. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced three new statues to be placed within...

Jo Clay MLA: Beware the politics of old white men

Jo Clay MLA feels the need "to respond to yet another old white man making the same drab arguments used for eons to keep women out of the conversation and out of our public sphere".

To the editor: Call for statue of Marion Mahony Griffin

In his lop-sided dislike of statues of women in Canberra (CW 24 June 2021, p10), former ACT Chief Minister Gary Humphries is remiss in not remembering Marion Mahony Griffin.