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Latest news: Suicide

Beyond Blue calls for mental health reform as suicides increase

The number of suicides in Australia increased last year – and Beyond Blue is calling for an urgent reform of the mental health system.

Australian Defence Force chiefs appeal to veterans

Australian Defence Force heads are urging veterans to share their experiences in service, promising they will suffer no penalties.

Australian experts push for suicide ‘safety planning’

Australians grappling with suicidal thoughts are being urged to set up a suicide safety plan.

Veterans Affairs Minister apologises for failing war veterans

The federal government has apologised to Australian veterans and their families for failings in the way the defence forces and veterans affairs department have operated.

ABS data shows extent of mental ill-health in Australia

One-in-six Australians have experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviours in their lifetime and more than two-in-five have had a mental health disorder. 

Department of Veterans’ Affairs failing veterans, secretary admits

The federal Department of Veterans' Affairs is not fit to meet the needs of past and present defence members, the agency's boss says.

To the editor: No one protected ADF members who protect us

This letter writer argues the government, Defence and DVA have known about the abuse, bullying and sexual assaults and so many other criminal acts for decades but have done nothing to protect those who have done so much to protect them.

Former sailor shares story of bullying, abuse at Canberra inquiry

A former sailor who endured years of sexual abuse and harassment, plus bullying by her navy bosses, says she felt so "dehumanised" she was too frightened to seek help, even after attempting suicide.

Defence royal commission in Canberra to hear of family impact

More evidence of lacking support for struggling defence force veterans and their families is due to be presented to a royal commission underway in Canberra.

Defence inquiry continues near military HQ in Canberra

A royal commission into defence and veteran suicide will launch its latest series of hearings in Canberra just a short distance from the Australian War Memorial which pays tribute to military members who have lost their lives.

One family’s mental health nightmare

One Canberra couple, readers of the Canberra Daily, have shared with me the sad story of how they lost their son to suicide.

Clearer picture for veteran suicides probe

A clearer picture of Australian veteran suicides has emerged ahead of the nation's long-awaited royal commission, with new data confirming ex-servicemen and women face a greater risk.