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Latest news: Summer

Ten tips to keep your pets safe this summer

As the sun heats things up across Canberra, pet owners are being reminded to ensure the whole family remains cool in the summer months.

Sunny Side Up: our sunscreen recommendations

Summer is on our doorstep, which means sunshine and spending time in the great outdoors are top of the agenda.

Water safety tips for Canberrans this summer

Waterways can be dangerous, so Canberrans should stay safe this summer, whether in rivers and lakes, or in backyard pools.

Hot Nights, Cool Choices: Party and drink sensibly this summer

The Hot Nights, Cool Choices campaign targets teenagers and young adults who may engage in anti-social or unlawful behaviour.

Face framing: Hats to suit your face shape

Safety isn’t a dirty word. With the days getting longer, the sunshine getting stronger and summer just around the corner, it’s time to get serious about sun protection. Find the perfect hat...

‘Best Show ever’: 2023 Royal Canberra Show attracts 92,000 people

This year's Royal Canberra Show, on 24-26 February, attracted 92,242 people attendees, making it the “biggest in at least 20 years”.

Summer harvest: what’s in season now

In-season produce that is locally sourced and naturally grown is more eco-friendly in comparison to importing or controlled-atmosphere storage and artificial ripening methods. Out-of-season vegetables contain less nutrients as they’re often picked early...

Lush lychee dessert recipes

Another summer favourite is the sweet and slightly floral lychee. If you can resist devouring a whole bowl at once (I certainly struggle), why not give these lush recipes a go?

Home style: Wet (not so) Hot Canberran Summer

Canberra summers of late have been somewhat removed from the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer vibe, but never fear – warmer weather is finally here!

Summernats are back in Canberra this summer

Canberra sleepily welcomes in the new year, streets are quiet, and many residents have headed to the coast or interstate. Soon, we’re jolted awake again by the smell of petrol and the revving of engines as the entrants make their way to EPIC for the country’s biggest car festival. To be held from 5 to 8 January, Summernats 35 promises to be the biggest and best festival yet.

Summer essentials

Before you go rushing lakeside to celebrate summer, make sure you have the sun smart essentials for a barbie by the bay.

RSPCA ACT tells us how to look out for pets during summer

With summer here, it’s important that pet owners take the time to ensure our furriest family members will be comfortable in changing conditions. RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson says because animals can’t take off layers if they start to get a bit toasty or simply jump in a pool, humans have to provide solutions for them.

Best summer swimming spots in Canberra

Love a classic pool day, or prefer a natural swimming hole? Look no further - we've compiled a list of Canberra's best summer swimming spots!